Please order take-away orders before 4:30pm and pick up between 5:30pm and 7pm.

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Soup of the day $7                    

Prawn & Chorizo salad $16       

Spanish dried sausage, tiger prawns and tomato salad.

Lemon Pepper Calamari $16

Deep fried lemon pepper seasoned, calamari Asian salad with sweet chilli sauce and lemon wedge 

Sweet Potato Arancini Vegetarian $12

Crispy, deep fried Sicilian balls of rice with crunchy breadcrumb coating and mozzarella cheese filling                                   

Duck $29                                                     

Spiced confit leg with sweet potato & Asian greens. Meltingly tender, moist, and extremely flavourful meat.

Pork Belly $22                                            

Sticky braised pork with Asian sesame greens, sweet potato and hoisin. This is a hearty and downright delicious pork dish

Chicken $16                                               

Rosemary grilled breast with balsamic glaze, mash sweet potato with roquette, pear & parmesan salad with Max’s citrus dressing

Lamb Rump $26                                        

Seared tasty cut sous vide rump with roasted potato, parsnip, local greens, and red wine sauce

Fish & Chips $22                                       

Beer battered flathead tails with lemon wedge, tartar sauce, chips & salad

Curry $15

Hot Red Thai curry with rice and roti

Mild Vietnamese yellow curry with vegetables, rice and roti      

Risotto of the day $18 vegetarian        

Traditional style classic Italian rice dish with butter and parmesan cheese

Fried Rice $14

Asian style fried rice with vegetables Vegan optional Pork, Chicken, or prawn

Singapore Noodle $14                              

Asian style noodles with vegetable

Optional Pork, Chicken, Prawn

Sides $6

Salted fries, Garden Salad, Steamed Vegetables                          

Dessert $6

Chocolate mousse with ice-cream